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How to Stay Sane During the Paris Olympics 2024

While some residents are excited about the upcoming games, for others they could be a source of unwanted stress. Here's our guide on how to thrive amidst the chaos.

As the Paris Olympics 2024 loom ever closer, the city will see an influx of visitors and a wave of confusing logistical changes. For residents, this can mean disruptions to daily routines and increased stress. Here are our 5 strategies and to help you navigate this unusual period as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan Your Movements in Advance

Given the expected crowds and transportation adjustments, planning your routes ahead of time is crucial. Paris 2024 will see specific stations like Tuileries, Concorde, and Champs-Elysées – Clémenceau closed for extended periods. For updates, use resources like the official Paris 2024 app and the website of Île-de-France Mobilités​​.

2. Avoid Peak Areas and Times

The busiest areas will be around major competition venues such as Trocadero, Champ de Mars, and Hôtel de Ville. To avoid the crowds when going out, areas less likely to be affected are the quieter arrondissements like the 14th  and 17th, as well as non-Olympic central zones such as Le Marais and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

3. Engage with Cultural Events you’re actually into

For people who aren’t particularly into sports, Paris is also hosting a Cultural Olympiad which offers a range of artistic and cultural activities throughout the city. This can be a great way to enjoy the Olympic spirit without going to a busy stadium. Additionally, large screens in various fan zones will broadcast events live, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere from a distance​​.


It's OK to say no to events or gatherings that feel over–whelming. Prioritise your well-being and attend only those activities that you genuinely enjoy...


4. Manage Social Interactions

With an influx of visitors and excitement around the games, your number of social engagements might increase, along with a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) if you don't attend. Remember that it's OK to say no to events or gatherings that feel overwhelming. Prioritise your well-being and attend only those activities that you think you will genuinely enjoy – not the ones you feel you ought to attend. Spending time with close people who understand your need for balance and relaxation can also be helpful. Meaningful connections always provide a buffer against stress.

5. Stick to your Routines, and make time for Self-Care

Try to stick to your regular routines as much as possible, including sleep, exercise, and meal times. Maintaining consistency in your daily habits can provide a sense of normality amidst the chaos. Opt for activities that promote relaxation and mental well-being, such as yoga, meditation. Or catch the RER out of Paris to nearby woods in Medun, Vincennes or Fontainebleau. Practicing mindfulness (we recommend the Headspace app) can also help manage stress and maintain a positive outlook during the busy Olympic period.

By staying informed, planning ahead, and utilising the resources available, you can navigate the turbulent seas of Paris 2024, hopefully maintaining an even keel throughout.

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