Therapy that works.
With licensed psychologists.
In Paris. In English.

We're a team of friendly, experienced psychologists from Australia, the US and the UK.

We offer effective, empathic therapy to help you get your head straight, feel better & live more meaningfully.

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Online therapy also available

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Why do people want to talk with us?

Whatever you're going through, we offer a caring,
non-judgemental space where your story can be heard

What's special about the Paris Psychology Centre?

Fully licensed clinical psychologists

Unlike in many services, every member of our team is a clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist (not a counsellor, life coach, natural therapist, etc.) with at least six years of training in treatment and research. This includes more than two years of supervised training. All our psychologists are licensed to practise in the European Union (and usually in some other jurisdiction as well). 

We have experience living abroad, just like you

Additionally, we have all had significant life experience studying, living and working in countries
around the world, and helping people in this situation achieve balanced, happy lives. W
e're used

to helping people who are leading a life away from home, including expats, trailing spouses,
creatives, digital nomads
third-culture kids, international students, au pairs and interns.


Only evidence-based treatments that really work

We specialise in providing treatments based on the latest research, which have been scientifically validated to improve emotional wellbeing and resilience. This means that you can be confident that
your time spent in therapy will be worthwhile.

Meet our team...

Emily is an American trainee psychologist who has worked with adults and children in hospital and clinical settings. She has experience with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, stress, and problems of cultural adjustment. She aims to create a friendly, non-judgmental space, where people can openly share and feel understood. Passionate about providing therapy based upon the latest research in psychology and neuroscience, she aims to help people to lead happier and mentally healthier lives, and to connect with what really matters.  Read more...

Dennis Roberts PsyD, CPsychol BPS

Dennis is an American clinical psychologist in Paris. He sees people with a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety, stress and OCD. He believes in getting to know each person deeply and building a warm relationship of trust. He aims to bring clarity to people’s problems, help them balance their emotional lives, and share healthy coping skills that really make a difference. He has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and has taught at multiple universities in the United States.  Read more...

Caitlin Dawes GDP, BSc Hons, MCNP

Caitlin is an Australian clinical neuropsychologist and therapist who has worked in several hospital and private settings. She is qualified to treat emotional problems such as anxiety, depression and stress, as well as neurocognitive disorders such as ADHD. In therapy, she aims to create a friendly, down-to-earth and collaborative space, where people can feel truly heard and understood. She is passionate about delivering therapy that makes genuine positive change, and empowering her patients to see things more clearly, achieve emotional balance and live more meaningfully  Read more...

Francis Merson GDP, BSc Hons, MCP, APS 

Francis is a British-Australian clinical psychologist working across the range of mental health issues. He has a specialist background in anxiety disorders, having worked at the Anxiety Disorders Unit of St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney. He is a University Medalist in psychology, a fellow of the University of Sydney and was awarded the Australian Psychology Society Prize in 2015. His style as a therapist is warm and collaborative, and he is passionate about using the latest research findings to get the best possible results for his patients.  Read more...

It would be our privilege to help you feel better about your life, your relationships and, most importantly, about you.


Our services in a nutshell...

One-on-one therapy

Neuropsychology services

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s)

  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia

  • Learning disorders

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Stroke

  • Neurological diseases

  • Depression, bipolar and other mental disorders

  • Diagnosis and assessment 

We can provide diagnosis of  mental and neurological disorders and assess cognitive difficulties in adults and children. These might include problems such as: 

  • ​Detailed reports to suit your needs

We can provide detailed neuropsychological reports of legal standing for patients, doctors, schools, lawyers, insurance, employers and other institutions.

  • Strategies to help you manage

We offer cognitive remediation and therapy to help people cope with cognitive changes and make healthy adjustments to the way they do things.

  • Treatment you can count on 

Our psychologists are all trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is the gold-standard treatment for the most common psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Members of our team also have specialist training in other proven modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness

  • An approach that's personalised to you

In individual therapy, treatment can be tailored to your particular needs. You might need strategies to deal with an emotional problem, or you might just want a confidant  and port in a storm. Or someone to soundboard and hash out ideas. Or a coach and ally to help whip you into shape. We’d like to offer whatever it is you need to reach your potential and get back to loving life.


  • And you don't need to be in therapy forever

Most of the treatment modalities we use have been demonstrated to be effective over a short period of time, with an average length of around 10-12 weekly sessions. Read more...


How does this work? 3 steps to feeling better

1. Choose a psychologist you'd like to work with


2. Book a consultation at a time that works for you, either at our Rue de Lyon office in Paris or online

3. Attend a session where your problems will be heard and a treatment plan will be outlined

Fees, payment and insurance 

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  • How much does a session cost?  

Our standard fee per therapy session is 140€. Most people have weekly sessions, but less regular sessions are also possible, and just as effective in the long run. Session length is 50 minutes.​

  • What about neuropsychological assessment? ​

The fee for neuropsychological assessment depends on the complexity of the assessment and the report required. The price range for assessment is generally between 500€-1000€. For instance, a WISC assessment is 600€. 


  • How do I pay for sessions?  ​

We accept payment by credit card or cash at the end of each in-person session. For online payments, a link will be sent to pay via credit card after the session. Direct deposit via bank transfer is also possible. We do not accept cheque.  

  • Will my insurance cover the sessions? ​

Many of our patients have their sessions reimbursed with private insurance (mutuelle). The level of reimbursement depends on your specific contract. So if you have an insurer, it might be worth getting in touch with them to see what you’re entitled to. All our psychologists are fully registered to work with insurance, and we are happy to provide any documentation you might need to facilitate this process. The insurers we currently work with include:



  • Can I use my carte vitale? ​

Unfortunately, psychology sessions are not covered under the government health (carte vitale) system in France. We're hoping the French government introduces legislation to recognise the importance of psychological services, in line with the practices of many other developed nations.  


Free Support Groups for English-Speakers

mens group.jpeg

Support Group for English-Speaking Men in Paris

The Men’s Group at the Paris Psychology Centre provides a relaxed and safe place to talk about your experiences in the company of other English-speaking men living in Paris. It's a peer-led group, where you can both contribute and play a role in helping others.

You can talk about whatever you like – there's no agenda. It's just a friendly space where men can connect with others, enjoy real discussions, have a few laughs, and hopefully walk away with insight, ideas and help.

The group is open to anyone who identifies as male. 


Cost Free upon registration (12 spots available)

When Every second Wednesday, 7.30pm-9.30pm

wom group 1.jpg

Support Group for English-Speaking Women in Paris

The Paris Psychology Centre Women’s Group is a place for English-speaking women to get together and chat about their experiences without judgement or prejudice. You can talk or just listen – whatever you're feeling on the day. It's a safe place where you can be heard, share whatever's on your mind and maybe even find some new friends who can relate to your experience. The group is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Read more...

Cost Free upon registration (12 spots available)

When Every second Wednesday, 7.30pm-9.30pm

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